Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Dinner guests - the beginning of the chaos

The nights are still pretty warm. Just above 10 C. But tonight I decided to move some of the plants inside. In general there are not many pods on the plants, but I want to do what I can so they can mature.

It's good to have the blog. I see from last year that I moved the plants indoors on the 10th of September last year. Almost the same date in other words. I had so many more plants last year....

I will probably throw away at least two of the plants now. There are six pots left on the balcony, but I will play the role as judge tomorrow. It's hard after almost a year's struggle, and then just throw it away.

Anyway, let's talk about more fun things :-) The one to the right is absolutely fantastic. It's my Florida bird pepper. Hundreds of fruits and flowers! It has been standing in the corner of the balcony, so I hadn't noticed that.

The one next to it, is a tepin. Not so many fruits, but quite a bunch anyway. They usually take a lot of time to mature, so I hope it will like it inside.

The others are some frutescens and chinense.

So, compared to last year, I think it will be quite OK from a plant perspective. But still. They take lots of space, and I'm sure it will be a challenging period ahead :-)

More pictures later.


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