Friday, 10 September 2010

What have I done :-)

I just want to share this with you. This is me, wandering what I have done :-)

Reason: All the plants have been moved inside today.

More later....

With happiness!


  1. Damn it MAts, you are really sick. Thank you. i'm not alone. :)

    I just transfered a bunch of plant to work and spend the day convincing my coworkers to host another bunch in their rooms. They agreed...We just have to rebuild the lighting at the premesis. The führer of the building will go nuts when he find out.

    Since I have the greenhouse, I delayed the invasion of the house, but it will probably look similar in a few weeks.

    Thanks for sharing, makes me feel better.

  2. Hi Jan!

    Let's just agree on that we chileheads are a little bit different :-) Or rather. We have a different perspective of what's important.

    Have a great hot weekend!

  3. Maybe we could swap a bit of weather say 50/50?
    I'll send y'all some 95 degree(f) day's and y'all could send me a few cooler nights? lol.