Saturday 3 June 2017

Moving out

Already June, and for the first time the plants have been inside. Until today.

Cloudy. 16C and not so much wind. Hopefully good conditions for them to move out to the balcony. Usually the sun is too strong for them in the beginning. And if it isn't the sun, it's the wind.

Anyway. Now I throw the dice.  And here is a short video with them.

I have cut down on the amount this year. Sizes vary, because I have started them at different times. The tallest baccatums are almost 1,5 meters tall already. Amazing.

Wishing you a hot weekend!

Saturday 22 April 2017

Repotting Saturday

Low activity on this blog nowadays. This year, I'm cutting down on the amount of varieties, and focus mostly on my favorites.

Anyway - here is an update.

Here are the ones that yet are to be repotted.

Peru yellow to the left, and pimenta cambuçi to the right

Bod'e vermelha

This will be my forest of dedo de moça :-)

Pimenta cambuçi to-be-forest :-)

And some cherry blossoms from Kungsträdgården. One week ago.

Wishing you a great weekend :-)

Hot regards,

Monday 16 January 2017

First ones up 2017

First ones up. It's always exciting to follow the development of the varieties.

  • White fatalii (Capsicum chinense)
  • Pequin from Ischia  (Capsicum annuum)
  • Pimenta cumari  (Capsicum chinense)
  • Bode vermelha  (Capsicum chinense)
  • Bunda de velho  (Capsicum chinense)
Here they are under the growing lights.

Hot regards, Mats

Tuesday 10 January 2017

Starting the chile year 2017


Today is the day! We start the chile pepper year!

15 varieties put in soil tonight. Here are the ones I'm growing this year.

And here are some pictures of the team :-)

Happy New Year!

Hot regards,

Sunday 25 September 2016

September update


An update. Most of the plants are still out on the balcony. Temperatures are almost summer-like.

Here is the classic - Chile de arbol.

This one is new for me. Yellow chicken heart. It's really hotter than I expected.

The good old rocopica. A cross between Capsicum cardenasii and pubescens.

The bode roxa is a beauty. I will try to keep it inside for the winter.

Aji chinchi amarillo. Haven't tasted this one yet. The shape is different, and I'm sure it's a good one :-) Since it's a baccatum.

Pimenta cambuci. Mild, with a nice taste.

I don't know the name of this one. I call it CA1, being a Capsicum annuum. No heat. Like a bell pepper.

This is a type of aji amarillo, but since I lost the name of it, I call it CB1.

Mareka fana (berbere). Haven't tasted it yet. I don't expect it to be so hot. But I have misjudged the heat before.

Roumanian gallo. A peperoncino. Not very hot. It had a rough start with spider mites, but has somewhat recovered.

More pimenta cambuci.

Another "CA1"

 Roumanian gallo.

This is another noname. I call it CA2. The plant reminds me of goatsweed, but the pods are more like serranos. Here is the flower. Capsicum annuum.
 Another CA2.

My old malagueta. I like the way the flowers come in clusters.

CB1. Beautiful shape. That "typical" pepper shape.
 The yellow chicken heart with plenty of pods.

Malagueta flowers. Capsicum frutescens. A great plant. I guess it likes it a little warmer than here in Stockholm, but it's doing fine.

Another CB1. Nice shape.

And last, but not least, my favorite - dedo de moca.

Wishing you a great week!

Monday 29 August 2016



My 10+ year old succulent is flowering! What a beauty!

Prickly regards :-)

Thursday 28 July 2016

Cleaning Thursday and getting ready for the radio garden show


It's a cloudy Thursday morning, so I took the opportunity to clean the pots. I have noticed that the vermin lay their eggs in the flowerpot dishes (?). So I use steam to clean the dishes.

Not very scientific, but it's a great therapy :-) Here they are. Steamed and cleaned.

Also, don't miss today's radio show :-)
You can listen live on the Internet.

Hot regards,