Saturday, 2 October 2010

Picking peppers

I'm running out of patience with the big plants. Especially the two year old habanero and dedo de moça. So today I decided to take them away. Not an easy decision, but I need to make space for the plants next year.

Here is the stem from the habanero. Carl saved pieces of it to play with.

And here are the pods. I counted them. 128. I don't know how many hundred pods I have picked earlier, but it has been a fantastic chile pepper year!

Next one to be harvested was the dedo de moça. It's the same height as Carl, and he's 155 cm tall...

And here is how the stems look like.

And here is parts of the harvest. Yes, there are some green ones. I don't think they are as good as the red. But they will make a great green powder.

Drying the green ones...

One thing I have learned with chiles is to not rub my eyes after doing this kind of work...

While I'm writing this, there is a heavenly smell from the dryer. More later.

Hot regards,


  1. Ciao Mats,

    a fantastic harvest from your plants!
    My deydrator is still working in the kitchen...more powder for warming the cold winter... please let me know how the green powder will come out...

  2. Ciao Marco! Yes, the dehydrator is a good invention :-)

    Tomorrow I think we will pick more peppers. I need to free up some space. I will let you know about the powder later on.

    Take care!