Sunday, 24 October 2010

Hot sauce

Inspired from a conversation with Rune a couple of weeks ago, and from Patrik yesterday, I decided to make a hot sauce of my tiny tiny chinense fruits.

It took me well over and hour to remove the stems from the fruits. Talk about mindfulness. One pod at a time. Just being there present in the now :-)

Here they are, getting ready to be processed.

These fruits have a very tropical flavour, so I added the juice from a couple of limes and some salt. And some water. I put it all in a saucepan and let it simmer for a couple of minutes.

And here is the final result. A super hot, super good all purpose sauce. Great on everything!

I'm not sure for how long this sauce keeps fresh, since I don't use any preservatives. Except for the lime juice and salt. Thanks Marco and Patrik for bringing this up :-)

Have a hot week!


  1. Ciao Mats,

    that's wonderful!
    What about preserving the sauce?

  2. Ciao Marco! Well, I think I have to eat it quickly. Don't know how long it will keep fresh, but I didn't want to add any preservatives this time. It's truly a delicious simple sauce that I think can be used on anything.


  3. Hi Guys

    I belive the limejucie will preserv the sauce for some time.

    I wonder if I will grow those peppers again, it took forever to remove the stems from the fruits:) But they are really tasty.

  4. It´s always a good idea to clean the jars with atamon before you fill it with sauce. And if you already got the atamon, why not put som of it in the sauce? It doesnt affect the taste.

    The acid from the limefuits combined with atamon should be enough to make the sauce eatable for months. Just check the lid for white or/and green fluff before you use it to make sure. =)

  5. Hi Jesper!

    Yes, I definitely think you are right.

    I only made one jar this time, and it will not last for long. So I don't think it will get old in the fridge. But of course one has to be careful when making sauces.