Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Final rocoto harvest

Summer and the chile pepper jungle on the balcony feels distant. But I have had some plants left, waiting for the pods to mature.

Today it was time. To pick the last pods on my rocoto and rocopica.

The rocoto has been living on the floor in our living room the last couple of weeks. It was too big to move.

I was positively surprised. I picked 35 pods on one plant! Doesn't this look great?

So now we have 1,626 kg rocoto to eat.

Do you have any nice recipes to share?

Hot regards,


  1. I envy you, my friend. That is a good harvest.

  2. Hi Jan! It was a really weird plant. It didn't grow upwards. Only to the sides. I never realized how many pods there was on the plant. Only that it was impossible to move...

    I sure will remember 2010 as a fantastic chile pepper year.

  3. Ciao Mats,

    stuff them with
    tuna fish,capers,garlic,parsley,'s the same recipe as for Cherry peppers!

  4. Ciao Marco!

    Thanks! That sounds great! I will try that this weekend!

    Usually I think they taste so good, so I just want to eat them as they are.

  5. wow, that's impressive! Is that a plant from this year or overwintered?
    I was contemplating getting rocoto seeds for the next year but I'm discouraged after reading that it really does best on the second year and later...

    By the way, can you drop me a line at diabolic (at) inbox (dot) com ? I'd really love to "pick your brains" about growing chiles on the balcony but cannot find any contact form of your email on the website..



  6. Hi Laura!

    Yes, that was a "monster plant" :-) I started it from seeds this year. Amazing, I have never experienced anything like it.

    I will mail you offline.


  7. Grym skörd, tror att jag måste be om frön till denna sort:) Tror att den kan ha vunnit på vara markväxande.


  8. Hej Patrik!

    Jag har blivit helt beroende av rocotos. Äter det till det mesta nu. Så det är ju en riktig höjdare!

    Vi får synka våra fröpåsar inför kommande odlingsår :-)


  9. Hi Mats!
    This is a wonderful plant and wonderful harvest. I was always a fan of rocotos but I never got such a big harvest from one plant. I've got a similar amount of pods from the Ultra Pube PI 585261, but the pods of this variety are small so it's nothing to compare with your Rocoto Manzano Grande. Would you be so kind and exchanged seeds of this variety for something from my seed list?

    Here are the varieties that I have: