Sunday, 10 October 2010

Ay caramba! They were hot!

I'm writing this with my burning fingers. I have been in the kitchen taking care of the chiles today. Saving seeds and drying, making powder. Big fun!

I grew the prik dae luang for the first time this year. It's a Capsicum frutescens. Just looking at the pods made me suspect that they were how. Quite big pods, thin flesh, "juicy". Like big tabascos. They had that special kind of self confidence that some chile peppers seem to have.

Taking a bite was really painful. This kind of "mean" heat, that just doesn't let go. Massaging the tongue. Really hot ones.
Honestly, I don't think they had any specific taste. Just the strong mean heat, so I will make a really mean powder of them. They are drying right now, waiting to become powder. Powder is good, makes it easier not to not use too much of the good stuff.

Have a great week!


  1. Hi, have you ever heard or seen Prik Dae Khao? I was looking for info about this variety and I found your blog! truly remarkable your database!


  2. Hi! Thanks! Sorry, no, I've never heard of prik dae khao until now. I found some pictures of it at the pepperfriends forum. Maybe you can connect there? Kind regards, Mats

    1. Hi Mats,
      My research was started right from that forum, but no other info ... you know, i would like to cultivate different c.frutescens this year.


  3. Hi again! I understand. Usually there is quite a lot of research to get the varieties you want. Good luck finding them! Regards, Mats

    1. mh, I will continue my search ...
      Thanks again!