Sunday, 25 September 2016

September update


An update. Most of the plants are still out on the balcony. Temperatures are almost summer-like.

Here is the classic - Chile de arbol.

This one is new for me. Yellow chicken heart. It's really hotter than I expected.

The good old rocopica. A cross between Capsicum cardenasii and pubescens.

The bode roxa is a beauty. I will try to keep it inside for the winter.

Aji chinchi amarillo. Haven't tasted this one yet. The shape is different, and I'm sure it's a good one :-) Since it's a baccatum.

Pimenta cambuci. Mild, with a nice taste.

I don't know the name of this one. I call it CA1, being a Capsicum annuum. No heat. Like a bell pepper.

This is a type of aji amarillo, but since I lost the name of it, I call it CB1.

Mareka fana (berbere). Haven't tasted it yet. I don't expect it to be so hot. But I have misjudged the heat before.

Roumanian gallo. A peperoncino. Not very hot. It had a rough start with spider mites, but has somewhat recovered.

More pimenta cambuci.

Another "CA1"

 Roumanian gallo.

This is another noname. I call it CA2. The plant reminds me of goatsweed, but the pods are more like serranos. Here is the flower. Capsicum annuum.
 Another CA2.

My old malagueta. I like the way the flowers come in clusters.

CB1. Beautiful shape. That "typical" pepper shape.
 The yellow chicken heart with plenty of pods.

Malagueta flowers. Capsicum frutescens. A great plant. I guess it likes it a little warmer than here in Stockholm, but it's doing fine.

Another CB1. Nice shape.

And last, but not least, my favorite - dedo de moca.

Wishing you a great week!


  1. Hi Mats, be curious Mareka fana!Different species of brown pods are always interesting! You who have cultivated a lot of varieties: do you think a brown C.baccatum exist?
    Thanks! ehmmm... Having a chat contact in private?

  2. Hi! Good question! No, I can't actually remember that I've seen a brown Capsicum baccatum. The mareka fana was a C. annuum (I believe) with very little heat. But it's hard to judge from just a couple of pods. The season was very late for the peppers this year. Kind regards, Mats

    1. ... mh, I hope there is out there a brown chili baccatum!
      thanks Mats ::)

  3. Yes let's hope :-) And if we stumble over one, we can let each other know. Take care!