Saturday, 3 October 2015

(Final) harvest - almost


A small harvest for lunch. On the top, there is CGN 21500. A very nice C. chinense. Good heat, and fantastic flavor that fills your mouth. Clockwise, we have dedo de moca, immature trepadeiro Werner, Peru yellow and ripe trepadeiro.

I have kept the plants out on the balcony until now. The warm autumn has done wonders for the peppers. They were all very late because of the slow start of the summer, but now we are in sync :-)

Here are some that I picked today. Will get back with better pictures. Clockwise. Top - trepadeiro,  piriz, aji dulce and dedo de moca.

Not everything is about chile peppers. We have the Chinese Navy visiting Stockholm. It's been a wonderful day. I think everybody was out in the warm weather :-)

Wishing you all a great hot weekend!

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