Sunday, 11 October 2015

Burning fingers and fantastic smell


I've been slicing chiles half afternoon, in order to put them in the dryer. I'm going to make chile flakes and powder of them :-)

Here is what I'm going to make. A mix of green dedo de moça, and green peru yellow.

And another mix of trepadeiro werner and piriz.
 And som red habaneros.

The smell from the dryer is fantastic. I wish it was possible to make a recording of it, so I could share it with you. :-)

I didn't use any gloves while working on the chiles, so my fingers are on fire right now. So a friendly advice - if you're going to do this at home - remember to protect your fingers. 

Wishing you a great week!


  1. Great to read about Chili's in Sweden! Chili is not the first fruit specie I would think about thinking about Sweden. But you will say the same about The Netherlands I guess. I will start reading your blog and follow you.

  2. Hi! Yes it's a fantastic world full of surprises :-) Thanks for your comment! Take care!