Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sunday part II - an update

Phew. Things are looking better now.

The tallest one in the background (window) is the Trepadeiro Werner. It's suppost to grow tall, I guess, judging by the name. It's almost 60 cm tall now. And in front of that one, is the Peru yellow. Almost as tall.

In the kitchen, the plants are not as tall. In the lower right corner it's one of my favorite herbs - ashwagandha.

And here are the gang of four that still is waiting for their final pots... Right now I'm out of pots, so they have to wait for a while :-)

Hot regards,

Almost done repotting


This time of year,  there is a constant movement of plants, soil and pots. It is not clear to me how to solve this puzzle before it's time to move them out on the balcony.

Here, in the foreground, there are some of the overwintered plants. Malagueta and tepin, and to the left, the rocoto. If you have good eyes, you can spot some small ripe malaguetas.

And here are the new ones. Looking good, growing in a nice pace.

Now I will see where to put all the pots. Time to do some work :-)

The ones that are remaining on the "repot-list" are malagueta, rocopica, cheiro and orange malawi.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Repotting Saturday


I start every chile pepper season saying that I will grow less varieties. But something happens, and I change my mind.

This is a quick overview of the peppers that I started on February 1st.

(featured artist on the soundtrack - Bootsy Collins)

And here are the ones that I have overwintered. If you're fast, you can see a ripe yellow/orange chinense (left plant). Then I try to zoom in on a ripe malagueta. The tepin is growing all the way up to the ceiling :-) And the rocoto is resting, getting ready to produce some really great pods (I hope)  :-) Focus is not the best. Apologies for that.

Here is a picture of the cherry blossoms downtown Stockholm. And a very focused me :-)

Wishing you a great weekend!

Friday, 10 April 2015

Repotting Friday


Repotting time. I repotted 8 varieties today. Our living room is becoming more and more chaotic :-)

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Hot regards,

Monday, 6 April 2015

Getting ready for repotting


Two of this years' varieties are in their final pots since today. It's the Trepaidero Werner and Peru Yellow. Trepadeiro means climber or climbing, so I'm expecting this one to be tall, or at least "climbing". It seems to be a fast growing baccatum. Originates from Brazil.

I will get back with more pictures of the peppers. Here are some pots that I cleaned today. Getting ready for repotting. 20 more chile pepper varieties to repot this year. I wonder if I have enough pots... Or space...

Take care,