Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tropical Stockholm part II


I hear myself saying - never ever give up... But now I'm close.  For I-don't-know-how-many times, the strong winds have thrown the plants all over the place. It may not look very bad, but they get messed up with each other, the branches break, and the fruits fall off.

Even the super heavy big pot was thrown over today, breaking my dedo de moca, and my cumari. The one that I thought was bod'e but turned out to be a baccatum, was also broken, as well as another one. So I have thrown them away now.

Here is my involuntary harvest tonigt. Too bad about the dedo de mocas, I really enjoy them when they are mature.

I don't know what kind of tactic I should have from now on. I need to calm down, and think about it. A good idea might be to take some pots away. The ones that don't have any flowers, will never get fruit this year anyway.

I have not picked many fruits this year, so it may be too early to draw any conclusions. But none of the chiles that we picked have had seeds. Earlier, I've had a couple of chile without seeds, but this year we've had ZERO seeds. Isn't that weird? What is your experience?

Another one of my favorite sayings are - the only thing certain is change...

Stormy regards,


  1. Trisst Mats! Jag har klarat mig från några värre skador av vinden. Men antar att nu när hösten närmar sig så kan det bli ännu mer av dessa vindar.

    Vi måste luncha snart så att jag får ta med några baccatums till dig:) Mina Patricia är riktigt tuffa! Kolla gärna in bloggen.

  2. Hej Patrik! Jag såg dina Patricia. Härligt! Jag har inte ens en enda frukt på mina. Den som (tills idag) varit mest lovan är aji norteño, men den fick sig en rejäl knäck också. Hoppas grenarna sitter kvar. Ibland funkar det ju faktiskt att linda med ståltråd och spjäla upp dem. Lunch, absolut! Jag har ett par galna veckor framför mig, men sen ska det väl lugna ner sig. Ha det gott! //Mats