Sunday, 1 April 2012

A small update and a black currant cutting


Yesterday I repotted some more chiles.

The really small ones, that I'm not sure if they will make it, have been put in bigger pots. Usually I wait for the roots to develop. But I want to stress these little fellows to see if they start to grow faster. Or rather, to see if they start growing. The ones I'm talking about are:
  • Bod'e
  • Patricia's (Pimenta cambuci)
  • PI 441624 Porta da rua, Aji Yuquitania

The other ones that are in the biggest pots now are:
  • Dedo de moca
  • Orange cheiro - svag?
  • Aji norteño
Also, the Trinidad Scorpion Morouga Blend has got a new pot. It's looking fine. I will get back with some pictures later on.

In the meanwhile, I'm sharing this picture with you. It's a cutting that I took from my old black currant bush that is living on our neighbours yard since probably 10 years. The cuttings have been out on the balony all winter, deep frozen, only covered with some fiber net. It is alive and it seems to be able to make it. Amazing!

Have a great week!

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