Thursday, 5 April 2012

Molten lava on the tongue?

Hi again!

Today Patricia bought some snacks on the way home from work...

There is no way I can say that we weren't warned... Blair's Death Rain... XXX Hot habanero potato chips... Here you see Carl posing with the bag of nuclear hot stuff :-) Before....
The verdict... What can I say. As promised. It was really super hot. It was hard to distinguish any particular taste except the habanero. And it had a heat that increased with  every chip. Carl is pretty used to hot food, but he had to run and drink two glasses of water. Water is not the best for putting out the fire, but what do you do when your tongue is burning?

So, maybe not the most well-tasting stuff. But as I usually say when it comes to overspiced chile pepper products - It's big fun, and hard to not start laughing, smiling and having a great time! An ice-breaker for your next company kick-off?

With this hot snack, we had a white wine. 70% chardonnay, 15% pino grigio and 15% pino blanc. A word of warning though. The heat had to decrease a little before the wine was OK.

I am not in any way connected to the company that is producing this stuff. But here you can read more about it:
I liked the site :-) Made me smile!

By the way, are there any of you giving away chile pepper stuff in the Easter eggs? OK, not for the children maybe, but in general?

Once again - Happy Easter!

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