Monday, 16 April 2012

Hot sauces and bhut jolokia chocolate


I met Patrik over a lunch today. I was not able to come out to the garden fair this weekend, so Patrik brought me some hot souvenirs :-) Thank you Patrik!

First I tried the yellow hot sauce from Tistelvind. I am not sure if I have sampled a hot sauce with that heat and taste before. A very clean habanero taste. And very very hot. I tried it on the family with dinner, and they told me that I will have to finish it alone. It was too hot for them. And the are experienced... But, I liked it a lot, so I'm happy!

The aji sauce from South Devon Chilli Farm was also great. A more moderate heat, and with a fresh aji taste!

Patrik tried to fool me with the chocolate, telling me that it was not so hot. A mild one. Yeah right. :-) When a chile head tells you that something is mild, you should never trust him. Especially not when he has those  expectations in his eyes. Phew! It was a bhut jolokia chocolate, and I would definitely not call it mild. It had that kind of immediate heat making me sweat!
I brought the remainings of the chocolate home so we could have it after dinner. And it was a success. I guess that I was the one with expectations in my eyes this time. Carl took a bite, and had to was his tongue afterwards :-) Patricia still feels the heat, even after an hour.

Thank you Rune at Örtagården ( for sharing this chocolate :-)

Have a great week everyone!

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