Thursday, 15 September 2011

Aji limon

This seems to be a nice Capsicum baccatum!

Still only immature pods, but they look great. Thick and heavy. I think I might stuff them with feta cheese and bake in the oven when they are ready. My mouth waters when I think about it :-)

I will get back later with more pictures when they hopefully turn red. This one is also left on the balcony, so I hope it won't be too long...

More pictures here:



  1. Well, what do I know :-) Never grow them before, and I'm just guessing by the shape and density that they will be red and not yellow or orange.

    Have you grown them before?

  2. I have and I am growing Aji Limon. Bright yellow and very nice with white fish - think cod with boiled potatoes and egg sauce spiked with Aji Limon!

    Mine does not look like yours however. They are thinner and more uneven. Mine looks like the pictures you get when you google for pics.

  3. I have a pic of immature pods in my last blog entry - as you can see they start out erect.

  4. I saw your Aji Limon, and I guess they are very different from mine. These are heavy, like Aji norteño, but thicker.
    That's the reason I assumed they were going to turn red.

    Makes me think of the Steven Seagal movie... "Assumption is the mother of all ¤#!"..". It's sometimes a mess with all the variety names.

    I'm a big fan of baccatum in general, so I believe you that it's a good combination :-)