Thursday, 2 December 2010

No chiles, but Stockholm

I need to warn you. This is a totally non chile related blog entry, so I hope that I don't bore you. But - I just have to share the beauty of our early winter with you.

It's been really cold for the season, with lots of snow. Today it's been around -10C, with high humidity.

Here is the bar/restaurant that is very crowded during the summers. Not many people there today. It's beautiful to see the reflections in the water, where the ice is forming.

I probably have 500 pictures of this bridge (Västerbron). Today I enjoyed the silence and peace that only is experienced when it's really cold.

Because of the high humidity, the trees get frosted. Have a look at this wonderful scenery at Långholmen.

One of my favorite spots that I sometimes go to when I have left Carl in school in the morning. Here is Smedsudden in a wintery landscape.

A closer look at the frosted trees.

Even the birds look cold.

Wishing you a nice coming weekend!

Hot regards from cold Stockholm,


  1. Ooooh, snyggt :)! Riktigt kallt ;)

  2. För kallt! Men just nu är det ju rena värmeböljan! Minus 4 :-) Trevlig helg!