Thursday, 16 September 2010

An update

There is no doubt about it. It's total chaos in every room, but I think it will be better soon. The plan is to do the "final" harvest in a couple of days, for at least three or four pots. But it's still too much.

My tabasco is doing fine on the floor in the kitchen. Still quite a long time before it's harvest time here.

My dedo de moça is doing fine. I think I will be able to pick most fruits in a couple of days. I just love the way some fruits shift in colour.

Alberto's is coming strong now, with lots of red fruits. I really like the shape of the fruits. The taste is not so special, but the heat is nice.

And Patriks chinense is doing fine. Patricia picked 132 fruits again yesterday. Don't really know what to do with them. We picked 481 pods a couple of days ago, so I have over 600 of them now.

And yes. My brown... eeeh. red habanero. Big nice pods. Great taste and wondful heat!


  1. Wonderful pictures of sparkling fruits.

    Why don't you dry the tiny chinense and put them in one of those tall glascans from IKEA that's normally used for jam and such. It would probably be a nice piece on the kitchen shelf.

  2. Hi Jan!

    Yes, autumn is a fantastic season with all the colours!

    Good idea! Maybe I will dry some. I was thinking about putting a bunch of them in vinegar. And/or honey. Well, actually I don't know what to do with them all. But drying is good. I feel I'm going into a loop now :-)

    Makes me think of this good old classic: