Monday, 13 September 2010

Peru yellow

I like the way some chiles mature. This is one of my peru yellow that turns from green to yellow.

Here are some peru yellow that I'm going to make a wonderful chile powder of. The smell that fills our apartment when drying the pods is wonderful. Lots of flavor, heat and energy.

Hot regards,


  1. Hi Stefano!

    Hot Lemon is a good one too :-) I used to grow Hot Lemon some years ago ( The one I grew was a little different compared to Peru Yellow. Maybe I had a cross, hard to say.

  2. Thanks Mats for those Peru Yellow, i siliced two of the pods and put them into a jar of honey. My tea was extra hot tonight:)

  3. Hi Patrik! Sounds delicious! I think I will try it myself. Perfect with the hot citrus flavor.