Thursday, 23 September 2010

My "gringo killer"

It's not often I have the luxury to have a rocoto with dinner. For me, it's a very special chile pepper. Not like any other.

So it was a big moment when I put this rocoto on the cutting board.

Looking great! Saving the black seeds for future use :-)

And eating it, I was not disappointed. The taste was great, and nothing wrong with the heat. I got hickups and entertained the whole family :-)

I think the heat in rocotos is special. It is definitely much harder to resist than other chiles. I think I have read somewhere that the pubescens species contains more dihydrocapsaicin than other Capsicum species.  So in other words, the molecules have a different structure. Chemistry is not my home turf, but you can read more about it here:

Hot regards,


  1. Grattis Mats! I Stockholmstrakten är en mogen rocoto i september tidigt! Ibland tycker jag inte att de är så heta, sen råkar man äta fröväggarna, pust! Gringokiller is à great name:)

  2. Wonderful to read. I agree completely about the Rocoto is a favourit. For me too.

    I was lucky enought to be able to harvest a couple of my white Rocoto's earlier this summer and they where delicious. This morning I actually harvested my first mature Brown Rocoto (more on that on my blog later on).

    This was even hotter than the white, but at least as good, probably even better. Great on the breakfast sandwich ;)