Friday, 3 September 2010

Moving indoors

I thought I was going to keep my "darlings" out on the balcony longer than this. But today, it was like walking a devastation trail on the balcony. My cumari was broken because the dedo de moca fell over it in the storm. Tearing down other plants and breaking some branches, resulting in fruits on the floor...

Anyway, such is life as a balcony-chile-farmer-in-Stockholm. So the major question this afternoon was... Which varieties to bring indoors...

After some thinking, I decided that I bring the galapagoense, the broken cumari, cardenasii, rocopica and chilipiquin manor. The other ones are still freezing their roots off in the strong winds.

It's a little sad, but follows more or less the same pattern each year.

Next question. Where are we going to have dinner? :-)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Ciao Mats,

    that is very sad!Storm and hail are both terrible for the plants...
    Answer:come down and have a sea food dinner by us!

  2. Ciao Marco!

    Sounds wonderful! I sure hope we can come and visit soon. Maybe not this year, but who knows - next year?


  3. Wow, Mats.

    Isn't this the second time you get your babies spanked by the storm? I'm not sure exactly what species you grow this year, but the choice you made seems like a good choice. The problem is as always, which ones of your kids do you want to let die? A choice no one should have to face.

    You have my sympathies

  4. Good choice, unfortunately we have to get used to the change of season. Congratulations, at least so you can pamper the plants.

  5. Thanks!

    Yes, one could think it's a peaceful hobby to grow chiles, but it's actually quite dramatic. Or should I say, sometimes even traumatic :-) It's a new thought!

    I thought they were all going to die in May already... But they survived...

    Makes me think of "Live and let die" :-)