Sunday, 12 September 2010

Harvest time

Phew! Talk about a weekend in the spirit och chile peppers!

Here Carl and I are picking some habaneros. In total we harvested 79 habaneros (572 grams on the kitchen scale), and there are plenty more left on the plant. Nice! I love the taste of them.
Happy me :-)
Carl is well over 150 cm, so it's not a tiny plant.

Can I eat it? :-)

"Team chinense" picking the tiny berries. In total, Carl counted to 482 harvested chinense. But there are so many more left on the plant.
 Our special "chile counter" keeping track of the harvest.

Yum! Eighty one Peru Yellow and seventy nine habaneros!

More later! Have a fantastic Sunday!


  1. Ciao Mats,

    what a fantastic harvest!Congratulations!!!

  2. Congratulations on a crop that involves the whole family!!

  3. Ciao!

    It truly is a great hobby :-) And tonight we used one habanero for dinner. 78 to go :-)