Sunday, 5 September 2010

A day at the autumn fiesta at Bergianska

Today we went out to one of our favorite spots - Bergianska Trädgården. It was time for their annual autumn fiesta. Lots of nice flowers and plants to look at.

But, best of all. We met some good old friends! Here I am together with Patrik & Mia!

And here is Jonas in full action creating some hot cakes for the team :-)

Mark your calendar for the "Het Höst" event! October 1st to 17th! We sure will be there!

Chiles are an important ingredient in our lives, but Carl found a great pumpkin. I wonder how that would look on our balcony... "Dad, let's grow pumpkins next year!"

And last but not least, I was very honoured to see that my lanceolatum plant from last year has been upgraded to be part of the Capsicum garden at Bergianska. But I think I need to talk to the bird who dropped that xxxx on the sign ;-)


  1. Ciao Mats,

    very nice event there!
    send my regards to Patrik and Mia!

  2. Ciao Marco! Wow! You are fast :-)

    Have a great week!

  3. Thanks Mats, Mia and all the other chileheads for a very nice day. And Ciao Marco!



  4. Cool, din peppar på en egen skylt, får mig att minnas den första enorma habaneron från Texas, som startade hela galenskapen ;)
    Looking forward to Het Höst, again!