Saturday, 4 September 2010

Cleaning up the mess

We are fortunate. We have two balconies. The large one has been dedicated to the chiles this year, and it's usually a good place for them during the summer.

I need to make a note of this, because something really happens at the end of summer. I don't know if it is because the winds change, or if it is the sun or whatever. But there is a point in time where our smaller balcony becomes the good one for the chiles.

And this is true for the strong winds that broke some plants yesterday. Strong winds on the big balcony, and no winds at the small.

So, guess what I have been doing today... Yes. Right. I have been moving some plants to the smaller balcony. And I think that is a great move.

So which ones to choose for the move to the good side? I think the serranos look quite bad, so they can stay on the big balcony. I don't think they will benefit from the move. I have two pots with Peru yellow, and they look really healthy, so they can also stay. The same goes for the habanero and dedo de moça. My chacoense and prik dae luang will also stay. The rocoto is so big, with so many heavy fruits, so I don't dare to move it. It is also going to stay in other words.

So I move the olho de pombo, my two pots with the chiles from Goa, tabasco, cheiro, Albertos and the wild chinense from Patrik to the good side. Hope it works. And not to forget the ones now inside. Phew. It's hard work to be a hobby grower :-)

Here is a shot of my Peru yellow. The one that will stay on the cold side. It's so full of fruits, so many branches were broken yesterday because of the weight of the fruits.

Here is one of the rocotos that fell off yesterday. I haven't tasted it yet, since I hope it will turn red even if it has dropped off the plant.

And here are the chiles that we had for lunch today. Two dedo de moça and one habanero. It's fantastic. I keep forgetting the sensational taste and perfect heat in a home grown habanero. Bang! Heat! Swooosh! Taste! Fantastic!

We are probably going to the autumn party out at the greenhouse tomorrow. Expect to meet some chile heads there :-) Read more on Patriks blog about that:

Have a nice Sunday!

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