Sunday, 24 April 2016

First visit to Diamante and the Peperoncino Festival

My first trip to Diamante was in 2001. The festival was in September, and the weather was great!

Welcome to the wonderful world of chile peppers :-)

Even chile peppers painted in the street to show the way

Peperoncino house from 1630

Harald and I are posing :-)

Having a break

Roasting peppers on the street. Fantastic smell.

Pepper sauce :-)

Even the barbershop is using chile peppers

And as decoration in the shoe store

And clothes...

Spicy ice cream

Nice hair cut

Diamante sunset


Up north, in Pisa

Peperoncinos in Genoa (?)

Diamante is a great place. Maybe it's getting time to go back there one day. :-)

Hot regards,