Saturday, 29 August 2015

Habanero, trepadeiro, dedo & co and a basic salsa recipe

Hi again!

A short update from the corner of the balcony.

Here is the red habanero. It's grown really big. The dark / purple pods is CGN 21500.
 The white/yellow ones is trepadeiro werner. It's grown together with the dedo de moca (the green pods in the foreground). The peru yellow doesn't show, but it's behind all of them.

 Here is a closer picture of trepadeiro werner. Different stages of maturity. It turns into a delicious dark yellow tone when mature.

More habanero and CGN 21500.

It's going to be a hot autumn :-) We just sampled a basic salsa with one of the habaneros.

My basic salsa
fresh onion
a little lime juice
and a little salt

So simple. So good! Wait a couple of hours before serving.

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  1. Så vackert! Och tack för receptet - låter smarrigt!