Friday, 24 July 2015

Oh those habaneros!


It's funny. The climate this year is different. We're still more or less waiting for the summer, and everything is late. The same for my chile peppers.

The only one with ripe pods is the red habanero. And the malagueta, but that one is from last year, and one of the over-wintered varieties.

I love the feeling of picking a ripe habanero, feeling the weight in my hand.

Makes me want to do this :-)

But we chickened out, and had only half of it on crisp bread with lunch. The smell and taste is fantastic, and the heat is manageable. I'm more and more getting back to basics, with the old favorites. The super hot ones have never really caught on here :-)

Still waiting for my baccatums. I think they are even better than the habanero, when eaten fresh, as they are.

Have a hot week!

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