Monday, 20 July 2015

Looking good, so far


It's starting to "move" on the balcony. Some peppers are getting ready, and some are getting started.

Here are some samples.

Habanero red

A typical habanero. I like the way they are turning red. Shifting from green, over a kind of yellow, and then red.
And this one is really bright red.

CGN 21500 

 This one is new for me. Thank you Jukka! The pods grow two and two, almost like cherries. Dark purple, almost hard to catch on a picture.

Trepadeiro Werner

This one is also new for me. Once again, thanks to Jukka! I can't get a picture of the plant, since it's all over the place. Trepadeiro means climbing (or something like that), and I fully agree. It climbs on all the other plants. Beautiful small pods.

Dedo de moça

My old brazilian classic. A true favorite.


This one is a malagueta that I got on the market in Salvador 15 years ago. I've never succeeded to grow it, so the seeds are old. But it looks promising. The size of the pods is bigger than an ordinary malagueta. I really hope that it produces some pods.

And this is my over-wintered "ordinary" malagueta. It's really fiery. Instant heat :-)

Wild Brasil

A new variety for me. Typical chinense. The flowers are in clusters of six. It looks really interesting.

Look at this amazing cluster of flowers.

Habanero yellow

 Of all habaneros, I think that the yellow ones usually are the best. Hope that this is true for this one too.

Wishing you all a great week!

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