Sunday, 1 February 2015

Starting 2015

Here we go again! A tradition more fun than Christmas :-)

For over 20 years, I've been growing chiles, so it sure is a tradition. I checked my old posts, and this is how it looked five years ago.

So actually, there is not so much to say about the starting-the-pepper-year-procedure :-) I let the the pictures talk for themselves.

These are the ones we grow so far this year.
  1. Malagueta middle size, Capsicum frutescens
  2. Biquinho, Capsicum chinense
  3. Datil, Capsicum chinense
  4. Rocopica
  5. Cheiro, Capsicum chinense
  6. Peru yellow, Capsicum baccatum
  7. Dedo de moca, Capsicum baccatum
  8. Chiltepe Guatemala, round, Capsicum annuum
  9. Fidalgo roxa, Capsicum chinense
  10. Habanero Red, Capsicum chinense
  11. Piriz, Capsicum baccatum
  12. Habanero yellow, Capsicum chinense
  13. Trepadeiro Werner, Capsicum baccatum
  14. CGN 21500, Capsicum chinense
  15. Cheiro roxa, Capsicum chinense
  16. Congo yellow, Capsicum chinense
  17. Habanero orange, Capsicum chinense
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