Tuesday, 12 August 2014

An old favorite - Alberto


Cross pollination is inevitable on a balcony, and especially when the grower (me) doesn't do anything to prevent it....

This one grow in a corner of the balcony, and I have sort of neglected it during the summer. But now, when the pods mature, it is really a beautiful plant.

We had some ripe pods on bread for lunch. They had that fantastic Capsicum baccatum taste, with a distinct heat.
The funny thing is that I expected the pods to look different. I grew the source of the seeds in 2003. The seeds originate from the farm of Patricia's uncle. Hence the name.

But... Those pods looked very different to these ones.
This is a picture from 2010. Completely different plant, and shape. (More pictures of the "old" one here => http://petterssononline.com/habanero/peppers.php?action=variety&id=10)
I don't think that I have mixed the seeds with another variety. But it's impossible to tell now....

Anyway, it's a good one :-)

Keep it hot!

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