Thursday, 31 July 2014

Last day in July


It's been a while. I think that it's quite a paradox. Most of the chile pepper blogs are very active during the early season, when seeds are put in soil, and when plants are repotted and so on. (That includes me as well...) But, when the real action occurs. When the chile peppers are picked, eaten and used in cooking - the blog activivity is low. Isn't that funny?

Anyway, this last day in July, I will give an update :-) It's been a good year, and we have picked many peppers. The most productive ones are the one the I call the Brazilian Small Red Hot. I don't know the real name. When I got it from Brazil, it was a small annuum. Now it's not so small anymore. It's quite hot, but no special taste. An all-purpose variety.

Another variety with ripe pods is the Chocolate Scotch Bonnet. The plant is totally destroyed from the winds earlier this year. But there are some pods on it, and I'm really looking forward to eating them! On the picture, you see a broken branch.

This one that I call Orange Chinense Brasil, is from seeds that I got in Brazil last autumn. It's a small chinense. Looks like a tiny habanero. Haven't tasted it yet. Maybe tomorrow :-)

Wishing you all a great summer!


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