Sunday, 18 May 2014

Moving out


A week ago, weather was like in November... Today it was more like July..

I checked the weather forecast, and it looks promising. So today, I moved the peppers outside. It's earlier than previous years, but I'm tired of having a jungle indoors... :-)

Here I am with the dedo de moca. I'm almost 2m tall, so it's a tall plant. Amazing. It's from seed that I started four months ago. Cool.

The shorter ones are under a protective net on the smaller balcony. The sun and the wind are the two forces that can break the plants before they are hardened.

My overwintered pequin from Ischia has some pods turning red already. And the dedo de moca from last year  has one pod that soon will be ripe too. Quite a luxury to harvest nice peppers in mid May :-)

Wishes for a hot week!


  1. Ser fantastiskt ut, Mats - som vanligt! :) Du får sälja plantor till/via mig, om du vill! Allt gott! :) Mia

    1. Hej Mia! Tack! Det är alltid en rysare att flytta ut dem. Men, i år känner jag mig modig:-) Det är svårt när plantorna blivit så stora. Har tyvärr inga "dubletter" som jag kan avvara. Ha det gott! //Mats