Wednesday, 22 January 2014


I don't know if it is the solar storms or something else. But I had to repot three varieties today. It's the dedo de moça, chocolate scotch bonnet and cheiro that was the biggest ones. Hitting the ceiling in my small mini greenhouse. So now they are ready to grow more :-)

Temperatures expected to drop to -10C tonight. Spring and moving the plants out to the balcony feels distant...

Wishing you all a great week.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Recife, Brazil

Some more old pictures... Well, you can tell it's winter outside, and I enjoy being inside looking at old pictures. This time, from Recife, Brazil.

Some malaguetas and yellow cumari (?)...

And here I am again, with some of the typical bottles with pickled peppers to the right.

More chile peppers! Nice bottles...

Hot regards, Mats

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Salvador, Bahia

Some more old pictures. Back to 2001. Brazil, Bahia - Salvador

Here we are on the way to the market. It's in the yellow house down in the right corner.

Here I am in chile head heaven. Bottles with malaguetas and other pimenta baiana.

Acarajé. Fried stuff in palm oil. Just looking at the picture, I can feel the smell. Wonderful flavours!

I don't remember the name of this market, but it was very inspiring. You see pickled malaguetas and cheiro. And in the basket I think there are some cumari. Actually, I think that one of the cumaris on this picture is the grand parent of the cumari plant that I over-winter this year.

Hot regards,

El Paso

Found some old pictures. Back in 1995 I was driving around in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Here I am outside El Paso Chile Company... A big moment for me :-)

El Paso is on the border to Mexico. On the other side of the border is Juarez. There was a market there with fresh vegetables and chile peppers of course. Here is a picture with some of the jalapeños and güeros that I bought... Yes, I agree that the bedspread (?) has a terrible design, but I was probably so overwhelmed of the chile peppers, so I didn't notice at the time I took the picture :-)

Hot regards,

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Repotting the old ones

Usually, this time of year, I through away the ones that I have tried to over-winter. Mostly because of pest and that the plants are half dead. But this winter is different.

I have a dedo de moca, peru yellow, pequin from Ischia, Goatsweed and a cumari. They all look ok. There are flowers and flower buds on some of the plants, so I thought that it was time for some repotting in order to make life easier for them...

Here is the small one - Pequin from Ischia. It's a tiny plant, and the flower buds are super tiny. I hope that it will set flowers soon, so we have fruit early.

I really think that 2014 will be a great chile pepper year :-)

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, 16 January 2014

A small update from the mini greenhouse

A small update. I keep the seedlings in a small greenhouse. On top I have some low energy lamps covered by aluminium foil.
Later on I will remove some of the smaller seedlings so that I only have two or three seedlings in each.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Starting 2014


I started the new chileyear today. Carl helped me as usual.

In total, we had 24 varieties. Most of them are old favorites, and as usual some of the seeds are probably too old. So we will see where we end up.

So, this is how it looked today.

And, this is how we looked. The Dynamic Chile Pepper Duo. Behind Carl in the window, you see a last year's goatsweed, cumari and pequin from Ischia. I also have a dedo de moça and a peru yellow that I try to overwinter. They all look quite healthy, so if if all the seeds will germinate, we will have a complete chaos here later on.... But that is another story, and no need to worry about that.

The varieties for 2014 are:

CAP 212 / 88 chacoense
Chilipiquin - Manor annuum
"Rio" chinense
Chocolate scotch bonnet chinense
Luiza mild red chinense
Luiza, small, red, hot chinense
Habanero cappuccin chinense
Luiza orange pumpkin chinense
Xigole annuum
Canario '12 pubescens
PI 441624 Porta da rua, Aji Yuquitania chinense
Biquinho. Patricia Brasil 2010 chinense
Datil chinense
Yellow chinense chinense
Another small rocoto pubescens
Cheiro chinense
Patricia baccatum
Malagueta Brasil '13 frutescens
Dedo de moça 'small' Brasil '13 baccatum
Dedo de moça - Monica baccatum
Alberto baccatum
Various Brazilian
Tabasco frutescens
Orange chinense Brasil '13 chinense

Hot regards,