Tuesday, 19 November 2013

More from Brazil

More Brazilian varieties.
A mix of this and that. Here are som dedo de moca. Most of the dedo de mocas I tried were milder than the ones I have grown at home. I don't know why. They look the same, but the difference in heat level is very much noticeable.

Some malaguetas in the middle. A habanero in the back. And probably some other varieties. I got them all mixed up and the kind friend who gave them to me didn't separate them. Simply called them "pimentas" :-) Makes it more excitng for me :-)

I will see which condition they are in. Maybe I can sample some of them. They don't look super fresh...

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  1. Do you have any seeds for any of the wild Capsicum varieties you would be willing to trade? I really really really would like some C. Eximium, C. Flexuosum, C. Galapagoense, and C. Cardenasii. If you have any seeds for those please email me at coheed196@hotmail.com I have a pretty extensive seed trade list myself and would love totrade with you. Thanks, and you have some beautiful pictures.