Sunday, 2 June 2013

Time flies


Already June, and I realize that there have been very few updates since the start of the year. Actually no updates at all. I ended up in a philosophical discussion with myself. I thought that it was the same patterns repeating themselves year after year. So the conclusion was that there was limited value to write about all the repottings and work. But of course, priorities change, and I have been busy with other things.

Anyway, that doesn't mean that I have quit growing chiles :-) It has not been a very good start of the chile year. I have had problems with aphids (again), and plants have died and I have had to restart and do the best of the situation. I have some really nice plants, and that's good. But I also have some that I doubt that they will survive midsummer. But we will see. Maybe I will take some pictures of them and see how they develop.

So, here are a few of the plants this year. In the back corner I have blackcurrant. It's been out all winter on the balcony. Wrapped in some fiber cloth, but I was surprised to see that it survived. It's nice. It has good history. 15-20 years ago, I had the "mother" plant on my balcony, but it grew too big, so I gave it to a friend who planted it in their back yard. And this one is the cutting from that one. Nice. It has some berries already, so that's fun!

In the left corner, there is a spruce (?). Also out there all year around. It's growing nicely :-)

New for this year, is that I took bokashi, and put it in a big box. We're goring salad and radishes and nettle there. The bokashi seems to be fantastic for the plants. It's not very practical to do compost when living in a flat, so we have stopped that experiment now. Here are my two fellow field workers getting ready to pick some salad :-)

And here is the first radish for the season! It was delicious!

Well, not so much about chiles, but hopefully there will be a good chile pepper year without any aphids and pest. So I hope to be back with some more chile pepper pictures :-)

Until we hear again - keep it hot!


  1. Nice series. It's been interesting watching your son grow over the years

    1. Hi John! Thanks. Yes, it's not only the plants that are growing :-) Happy Summer! Regards, Mats