Sunday, 6 January 2013

Starting the chile year

Happy New Year!

The start of a new chile pepper year! Some of us are more enthusiastic than others :-)

Getting the seeds. Ready to be planted.

It's great to have some help.

I realize that I can reuse the same picture every year. It looks the same. But anyway, these are the ones I started this year.

In total 17 chile varieties. I don't expect all them to make it, since some seeds are quite old. The oldest ones are 12 years old.
  • Malagueta small Salvador 2001
  • Cheiro Recife 2001
  • Long chocolate habanero
  • Peru Yellow '02
  • Patricias
  • CAP 1153 / 96
  • Chilipiquin - Manor
  • Timplin - Bird pepper
  • Goatsweed '03
  • Goat '06
  • Cumari (Salvador) 2006
  • PI 441624 Porta da rua, Aji Yuquitania
  • Dedo de moca
  • Another small rocoto
  • Pequin from Ischia
  • Indian frutescens
  • Amarillear

More about this later! Wishing you all a good start of the new year!



  1. Härligt!

    Hoppas du lyckas halvbra;) jag kommer nämligen behöva skänka bort en ett antal plantor. Har en mycket spännande Kalaw från Burma som sägs vara en liten planta som ger stor skörd. Tappade ut nästan alla fröer vid sådden så det blir många av den :) ha de gott. Gick med i chiliklubben på fb - riktigt trevligt. Lunch snart?

  2. Haha, nä, jag vill lyckas helbra :-) Men fröerna är gamla, så man vet ju inte hur det kommer gå. Kalaw låter spännande! Lunch låter trevligt! Jag mailar dig separat! Ha det gott! //Mats

  3. Hi Mats, how do you store your seeds?? I mean fridge/paper bags etc? I am new to chillies growing and find your blog interesting

  4. Hi! I keep the seeds in paper bags. (Coin envelopes.) It works fine for me. But there are probably better or more scientific ways to store them. Good luck growing chiles! Kind regards, Mats

  5. Hi Mats! I found your blog really really insteresting!! I am an spanish student in stockholm and I am trying to learn a little bit about herbal medicinal plants...but here in sweden i have some problems because of the weather could i contact you by email (if its posible) to ask you a few questions? :).I have seen you know a lot about it.. Thank you!

  6. Hi!

    Thanks for your comment! You can e-mail me at chile(a)

    Kind regards,