Sunday, 14 October 2012

Orange cheiro and the scorpion - final harvest

Good evening!

It's been a while since the last update. The reason is that not much has happened with the chiles. I brought them in earlier this autumn, and then I moved them out again. They got lots of aphids, and it became a mess inside...

On the other hand, it's been a fairly warm autumn. At least in comparison with the summer. The coldest days, it was 5C in early June, and it has not been colder than that.

But this weekend, I did the final harvest. Just a couple of varieties with mature pods. Most of them are green. A weird chile pepper year...

This is how my aji norteño looked like. Not a pretty sight. But it had lots of peppers, and they taste great even immature. So that's good :-)

Here are acouple of mature orange cheiro. I really enjoy the heat, taste and smell. Absolutely fantastic. Though, I think they are hotter than I expected.

More pictures here:

And this year's surprise. The Trinidad Scorpion. Definitely too hot for me. And it's the second best yielding variety. Isn't that funny. The pepper that I am almost unable to eat....
A handful of snacks :-)

More pictures here:

What wold life be without assistance. Here are some guys that are busy clearing out the jungle. With a little help from Carl :-)

I have some more pictures, but I will share them with you later. Wishing you all a great week to come!

Hot regards,

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