Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lazy days


It's in the middle of vacation, and we are back home. Have had a fantastic time in the archipelago and up in the mountains. Far away from the noise of the city!

I was happy to see that some varieties have developed nicely and that the douglah had a ripe pod! I need to check where the name comes from, with my friend who gave this variety to me. It looks like an ordinary red habanero.

Hello little friend! Soon you will be in my stomach :-)

We had it for lunch. It was very hot, and it had that typical habanero taste and flavour. After about ten minutes from eating it, it was almost like my tongue was carbonated. Very nice one!

Wishing you all a nice summer weekend!


  1. well this is awesome chillies..would love to try that one..its quite small compare to other chillies.

    thanks for sharing
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  2. Hi David! Yes, I think they are small because of the "different" summer we've had. Low temperatures, rain and winds. But I read somewhere, that the tougher circumstances for the chiles, the hotter they get. As a kind of defense. Don't know how true that is, but the few ones I've eaten so far have been extremely hot :-)