Sunday, 29 July 2012

7 pot primo vs. Mats: 1 - 0

OK, I'm laughing now, and usually I say that it's hard to be serious when eating hot chiles, and that they make you smile. Either because of the endorphins, or because they simply are so hot, so you have to laugh!

But this little fellow knocked me down comletely. It's not very big as you can see.

I took a tiny tiny tiny piece of it. And my tongue was on fire for at least 20 minutes. No mercy! The heat reminded me of Bhut Jolokia, but I enjoyed that one more than this. This one had a fantastic tropical chinense smell, but it was really really hard to distinguish a flavour. And I thought that I was used to chinense and eating hot peppers :-) This one was like nothing else I've tried!

Weird, no seeds in this one either... Exactly like the Douglah we had yesterday.

Patricia also took a tiny piece, but she spat it out immediately. Clever. I still have mine in my stomach...

I think I will make a mash with the remainings of this one. Vinegar, salt and maybe some oil.

Anyone who has any recipe recommendations for these super hot varieties? What do you do with them?

Phew. Why on Earth did I decide to grow so many super hot ones....

Hot regards,


  1. Låter underbart, Mats! :) Det bästa jag kan tänka mig att göra på de superheta är att antingen torka dem och göra pulver/flakes av alt. het sås, men det vet jag att du kan så mycket om redan, så det behöver jag inte orda mer om! ;) Hälsa familjen och ha det gott! Kram /Mia

  2. Hej Mia! Det får nog bli pulver. Annars vet jag inte hur man ska få i sig dem :-) Ha det så bra! Kram, Mats