Sunday, 29 July 2012

7 pot primo vs. Mats: 1 - 0

OK, I'm laughing now, and usually I say that it's hard to be serious when eating hot chiles, and that they make you smile. Either because of the endorphins, or because they simply are so hot, so you have to laugh!

But this little fellow knocked me down comletely. It's not very big as you can see.

I took a tiny tiny tiny piece of it. And my tongue was on fire for at least 20 minutes. No mercy! The heat reminded me of Bhut Jolokia, but I enjoyed that one more than this. This one had a fantastic tropical chinense smell, but it was really really hard to distinguish a flavour. And I thought that I was used to chinense and eating hot peppers :-) This one was like nothing else I've tried!

Weird, no seeds in this one either... Exactly like the Douglah we had yesterday.

Patricia also took a tiny piece, but she spat it out immediately. Clever. I still have mine in my stomach...

I think I will make a mash with the remainings of this one. Vinegar, salt and maybe some oil.

Anyone who has any recipe recommendations for these super hot varieties? What do you do with them?

Phew. Why on Earth did I decide to grow so many super hot ones....

Hot regards,

Lunch peppers

Good morning!

It is with nervous delight that I am already wondering which of these two "darlings" we will have for lunch... I don't think we will need any other spices :-)

You can click on the links, either on the heading or the picture, if you want to see more pictures.

7 pot brain strain red

7 pot primo

Have a great hot Sunday!

Saturday, 28 July 2012


All my plants this year are late, and so is this one. My canario. My only Capsicum pubescens this year. It's a magnificent plant, and it has got the biggest pot size that I have. I have a plan to keep it for the coming years.

Capsicum pubescens is different compared to the other Capsicum species, and it grows into a tree-like plant. As you can see on these flower pictures, it is also quite hairy.

The fruits are delicious, so I do really hope that I'm lucky this year, and that it produces a couple of fruits!

Hot regards,

Lazy days


It's in the middle of vacation, and we are back home. Have had a fantastic time in the archipelago and up in the mountains. Far away from the noise of the city!

I was happy to see that some varieties have developed nicely and that the douglah had a ripe pod! I need to check where the name comes from, with my friend who gave this variety to me. It looks like an ordinary red habanero.

Hello little friend! Soon you will be in my stomach :-)

We had it for lunch. It was very hot, and it had that typical habanero taste and flavour. After about ten minutes from eating it, it was almost like my tongue was carbonated. Very nice one!

Wishing you all a nice summer weekend!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Summer update


There is still hope :-) Despite of temperatures colder than on Christmas, strong winds and never ending rain... There are a few pods out there on the balcony.

Team chinense is way ahead of team baccatum... Also my canario looks promising, but no flowers yet. Hoping for a warm autumn!

Black naga
A new variety for me. Looks very hot....

 A new variety for me. Looking good!

Orange cheiro
 An old favorite, and it was my last chance to get some fresh seeds. So these pods are very welcome!

7 pot brain strain red
 A new variety for me. Judging from the texture, it could be very hot.... :-)

7 pot primo
 Another one that looks very promising!

Bode roxa
 This one has been different from the very beginning. The plant got beaten early in the summer, but does its best to recover...

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