Wednesday, 6 June 2012



Last weekend was a challenge for the plants on the balcony. Usually I bring them inside when it's cold and strong winds, but this time I left them out. During the day it was:
I don't know how cold it was during the night. But I know it wasn't warmer...

It wasn't only the plants that were out freezing. It was also Stockholm Marathon.... I'm glad I wasn't one of the runners.

Here are the plants under the fiber net. Still looking quite good.
Below is my cumari. It got severly damaged during the strong winds, so it's half as tall today. I hope it will make it.

The same goes for my tepin. It's also half the size after the last weekend.

I will try to take extra care of them today. It's at least 12C now, so it's more than double compared to last weekend.

More pictures later. I have some damage control to take care of. Many of the plants are really struggling right now.

Wishing you all a great Swedish National Day!



  1. In news they told that how cold is in Stockholm. Last christmas was little bit warmer. Then was +6C and now is only +5C. It was very funny way to told. But it's not funny, south-west Finland weather is exact same. Temperature is right now +12 and heavy cloudy.

    1. And who would get the idea to bring the plants outside on Christmas :-) Well, I hope I haven't ruined them. But they look quite ok despite of the cold and strong winds. Keeping my fingers crossed for all fellow chileheads up north :-)