Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Moving out


I had planned to wait another week before moving my little "darlings" out on the balcony. But with summer temperatures and sunshine, I made a quick decision this morning to move them out today. It was a light panic mode this morning, since I'm on a course, and it starts at 8.00. The whole family was engaged and we ran and carried like maniacs :-)

And checking previous years' notes, it's this day +/- 1 day that I usually move them out. So I think it's a wise decision. It should be fine. (Exactly one year ago:

This blog is of course about chiles, and not about me. But for a change, I thought that I want to be on the first picture. Here I am posing next to my pimenta cumari. The plant is already 1,6m tall. I hope it won't break if there are strong winds. But, not it's out there, so it's going to stay there. Keeping my fingers crossed for it.

Here are some of the smaller ones.

Another view...

Getting ready to wrap them in in the fiber net...

And here they are. Now we can't go out on the balcony. My plan is to use this fiber net for some days, and then they are used with their new environment. The sun is strong, and can hurt them bad. But the worst enemy is usually the strong winds on the balcony.

As all previous years, it's always a little nervous the first days they are out. But as all previous years, I expect everything to be fine in the end :-)

Wishing you all a nice week!


  1. Congratulations! They seem very healthy!

  2. Ciao Marco! Thanks! Yes, it's almost that I don't dare to write it. But there are no aphids at all. And no other pest either. So that's great news. Well, famous last words, but at least I'm enjoying it now :-)

  3. Nice! There will be great balcony jungle end of summer. :D

  4. Looks great! I too have them outside now! I love it! Please no winds this year....:)

  5. Yes please! A jungle later on :-) That would be nice!

    Yes Patrik. No winds please. I was nervous to come home from work today and maybe find them broken. But looking good so far (day 2)....