Saturday, 26 May 2012

Excursion on the balcony


I got restless... Eurovision song contest is nothing for me anymore :-) So I started harvesting pictures from my little photo excursion on the balcony today.

This is my overwintered chiltepin, reaching for the sky. It's quite tall. At least 1,8m. But still no flowers.

7 pot primo
First flowers

Bode roxa

I think that these flowers are absolutely great. Pointing in all directions. Looking good.
Very nice flowers.

I love the shape of this one.

7 pot brain strain red
I really hope that these flowers set fruit!

Black Cayman
These two flowers here are turning away from each other...
While these two are hugging.
Aren't they cute?

A promising battery of flowers...

7 pod brown
 First flowers

Have a great weeked everyone! And may the best entry in the contest win :-)



  1. Thanks! It's the same miracle every year. Starting from seeds in January/February and a couple of months later you have this wonderful experience!