Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Three more

Three more varieties showed up today!

It's my old favorite that I call "Patricia". It's really a pimenta cambuci, but I call it Patricia because it's a variety that she brought from Brazil. It's a mild very nice variety.

And then it's another favorite. Aji Norteño. A very nice variety.

And then I'm very excited to see that the cumari seeds from Salvador showed up! This is how the mature pods look like.

And here are some immature pods. The plant produces a lot of pods!

Sometimes the seedlings don't drop the seed, and gets stuck. If the dry seed is not removed, it might cause the seedling to die. So it needs to be removed. My eyes are not that good, but Patricia has been doing some "surgery" tonight :-)

Patrik has some good instructions how to do this (in Swedish) on his blog. Here ->

Wishing you a great week!

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