Tuesday, 24 January 2012

7 pot primo and "Plan B"

Good morning!

Just a short note. One more variety has germinated. It's the 7 pot primo that I got from Patrik the other week.

Last night I activated Plan B and put some newer dedo de moca seeds in soil. Together with more "Patricia" seeds.

One of the benefits of starting early is to have the possibility to start new varieties and still be able to enjoy an early harvest.

I expect that the remaining varieties might take some time to germinate. Or, that most of them will not be successful at all. Actually, I can't remember that I have been successful with seeds that are 10 years old. But, we'll see.

More later!


  1. Kudos for your early start. I have not maintained my enthusiasm.

  2. Underbart att primo grodde. Odlar den inte själv i år, så jag följer din blogg. Kanske en provsmakning i höst:) ska bli kul att jämföra våra chili i år. Hoppas på ett bra år.

  3. @John. Thanks! I've been having some "greatest hits" years, but this year I try some new ones. Which is nice. I follow your blog, and I see that you do not lack enthusiasm in other areas :-)

    @Patrik. Absolut! Jag hoppas på en härlig sommar, så vi kan käka chile så det sprutar ur öronen i höst :-)