Thursday, 27 October 2011

Trying to stop aphids ...

As you may remember - a while ago I was completely desperate about getting rid of all the aphids. I don't want to use any strong stuff, since we eat all the peppers. So I found this ecologic "stopset", and thought it could be worth giving it a try.

It consists of very sticky plastic sheets that you place in/near your plants. They are supposed to be coated with a material that attracts the aphids.

I've now used it for a couple of weeks, and the result has so far not been impressive. The good thing is that it at least seems to attract flies.

This is how it looked when I just had installed it. Not pretty at all :-)

So, considering the results, I can not say that I recommend it... Well, never ever give up :-)



  1. These will not help with aphids as they are blue. And even the yellow ones would help only against the flying ones before the infestation of the plants. They are good against the whiteflies although they cannot elliminate them all. But what helped to controll the aphids completely last year were little parasitic wasps. They appeared suddenly (maybe someone bought them and some of them flew over to my balcony) and in a week or two the aphids were almost gone. I wonder if it is possible to keep them hibernated somehow over the winter.

    1. Hi! You are absolutely correct.

      They didn't stop the aphids. They were sticky as !"#¤!, but they were good for the flies.

      I've seen those kind of parasitic wasps in some greenhouses. Don't know where to get them though. This year I hope that there will be lesser aphids... So far so good!

      Kind regards,