Thursday, 27 October 2011

Aji limon - finally

I thought this variety would turn red, but it turns to a very nice orange colour. The flesh is thick and the taste is great! The heat is moderate. All one can expect from a very nice Capsicum baccatum!

This one is the first one to turn orange. Still waiting for plenty of pods to mature. Exciting!

Hot regards,


  1. Do you think it hybridized with some other variety / species? I have a Aji Limon in my kitchen. It looks very different, bright yellow, skinnier definitely smaller. Wonder if this is the product of cross pollination with some Jalapeño.

  2. Hi Stefano!

    It is definitely a typical baccatum, so I don't think it is a cross.

    It is quite similar to the aji norteño that I grow some years ago. But aji norteño grows huge, and this one is more compact. If I can use that word when it comes to baccatum.