Sunday, 26 June 2011

Confusion - kalonji or shahi kala

OK, I have to admit it. Maybe, just maybe I have mixed some seeds...

I put some kalonji and shahi kala (black cumin) seeds in  soil this spring. Never really expected anything to show up. But it did.

This beauty showed up in the pot that I marked black cumin. But to me it looks like some kind of onion, which could indicate that it is kalonji. Another name for kalonji is black onion.

Anyway, I just wanted to share these pictures with you.

Maybe I will start all over again. Being more careful how I label my pots :-)



  1. Hej, Mats! Hoppas ni har det bra! Ser ut som vallmo för mig! :) Mia

  2. Hej Mia! Ja järnpiller, det kanske det är :-) I så fall kan man ju fråga sig hur den har hamnat där. Alltid lika spännande. Allt är bara bra här. Snart semester! Ska bli skönt! Hälsningar Mats