Saturday, 21 May 2011

Trying to learn from experience

At least I hope that I'm a learning being. I try. But it's not easy!

Last year at this time, I moved the plants outside. Actually like I do every year. May 19th, as you can read in this post: It was not very successful... Plants broke, and were tortured by the strong spring winds.

So this year I will at least try to be more patient, and take care of them better. I don't have so many plants this year, so it's actually doable.

Here are the small ones. Shelter behind a fiber net. The sun and the wind makes it tough for them.

And the bigger ones, between chairs to get some shelter from the winds.

And the biggest one had to be moved inside. The winds were not easy for the plant, so it has to rest behind windows.

I plan to take them out in the mornings and in in the evenings for at least a week. Depending on the weather of course. Then I think they can be outside for the rest of the summer.

Wishing you all a nice weekend!



  1. I was a bit early moving my chillies outside (they've been out for around a month already) and they don't look very healthy, hopefully they will pull through.
    The chillies that are still on my window sill seem to be doing just fine tho'
    Good luck with yours

  2. Hi Matthew!
    Thanks! I think that's how it works. First you start the seeds and take care of the small seedlings, and make sure everything is OK. Really nursing them. Then, there is a time when one gets too eager to get them out, and really don't watch for all the signals. And then they get weak, and loose tempo. I realized it's because of this blog I really started to think about it. I could check where in the moving-out-process I was at the same time last year. So I will take it easier this time.

    I think that usually they are strong with great ability to survive, so I hope yours will make it too.