Thursday, 14 April 2011

Repotting (again) - and aphids (again)


It's been a while since I posted anything. It's not because of laziness. Rather because of the !"#¤!¤ aphids!

We have really been struggling with the aphids. I think it's about the same amount as last year. It was terrible. But I expect them to go away as soon as the plants are moved outside.

Today I repotted three more varieties. Black pepper, pimenta da Neyde and the Mexican chiltepin.

I will get back with some pictures later. Right now I don't think that they are so good looking so it's even worth taking a picture of them.

How about you? How do you experience aphids this year? Better? Worse? Or the same?



  1. Yeah, the aphids are terrible. The biological sprays (Neem oil based) do not kill them although they reduce their growth and spreading a little. And I don't want to use chemical insecticides. Fortunately I do not have the aphids inside at home, only when I put the plants outside to balcony they get the aphids. For this reason I am not overwintering many of my chilli plants and I cut the ones I am overwintering drastically so I can remove all of the aphids.

  2. Yes, overwintering is a challenge. Usually I just keep a couple of my absolute favorites over the winter. So that wasn't the problem. I think I got the aphids in the new soil.
    I don't want to use chemicals either. I use pine tree soap (såpa in Swedish - It's quite good for the aphids, but one could wish it took away all of them.